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Streamlining Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operations Support Systems (OSS) into One Cloud-Based Software Platform.

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This Powerful ERP Solution Will Change the Way You Do Business

ET Fusion is a comprehensive, cloud-based software that makes managing an internet, wireless internet or utility service business a breeze.
ET Fusion software

ET Fusion

This platform provides a system capable of handling field operations, marketing, and back office billing, as well as unity for your team.

The mobile app brings the power of the cloud into the palm of your hand, enabling instant up-to-date reporting from the field to the finance department.

Industry Problem

Growth is a good thing, unplanned growth can cause a long term negative affect on your business if service standards are not met with existing clients.

Our Solution

ET Fusion streamlines processes and optimizes workflows by creating operational consistency from your back office to the field. Manage everything from initial client communication to billing, payments and everything in between.

The Benefits

Lower operational expenses by connecting all aspects of your business seamlessly. Save time and drive income and profitability.

Simple, Sophisticated & Built for Business

Connecting back-office, customers and the filed has never been more efficient. ET Fusion meets your specific needs on a standardized approach that is flexible and easily adaptable.

  • Field Ops

    Fueling Field Operations

    Real-Time Communications. Keep On Time & On Budget. Integrated Scheduling & Project Checklists.

  • Back Office

    Back Office & Operational Bliss

    Seamless Departmental Synergy. Solve Multiple Points of Failure. Maximize Customer Satisfaction.

  • BI

    Business Intelligence

    Greater Visibility on All Facets of Business. Access to Key Performance Indicators.

  • Icon App

    Integrated Mobile App

    Access Reports, Analytics, & Projects Instantly. Manage Accounts & Customer Data. Real-time Updates While in the Field.

  • Network

    Network Monitoring

    React to Timely Situations. Collect, Monitor & Audit Network. Run Optimally from Performance & Financial Perspectives.

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