Simple, Sophisticated ERP Software for Greenhouses & Nurseries.

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ET Grow works with businesses from Seed to Sale

At ET Grow, we recognized that clipboards and desktops just aren't cutting it in the agricultural industry.
Our Solutions

ET Grow

Our software allows users to access, view and update their daily operations on the run.

Real-time availability, fixed and dynamic pricing, special UPCs, logistics deliveries, can all be challenging if your team is lacking collaboration. ET Grow alleviates these challenges and creates synergy across departments, making this process seamless.

Industry Problem

In the Agri-Tech industry, key data is often mined on clipboards or in the heads of individuals at an organization , making it difficult to create consistency and meet sales demands. New generation owners need better data organization to be successful and competitive.

Our Solution

ET Grow allows companies to input generations of research and experience to schedule, plan and execute crop tasks at precise times, to deliver the best product. Back office and grow teams are synced to maximize selling power through our intuitive solution.

The Benefits

Train staff with a refined playbook of experience and grow crops with consistency and quality that will have your customers coming back for more. Growth also becomes easier with consistent processes and quality control.

Seed to Sale

ET Grow is a simple, sophisticated ERP software solution designed for the Agri-Tech industry, supporting all parts of their business... not just one.

  • Research


    Trial Management, Evaluation Reporting, Track Data from Anywhere

  • Grow


    Plant Lineage, Traceability, Crop Availability, Inventory Management

  • Buy & Sell

    Buy & Sell

    Sales Orders, Product Availability, Order Process

  • Ship


    Order Map, Rack Management, Delivery Reporting

  • Merchandise


    Time Clock IVR, Pay By Scan, Product Shrink Reporting

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